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Here Are 3 Irresistible Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Crucial When Selling Online

Selling online is the new buzz in the 21st century. Everyone is rushing to have an online store. Also, technology and digitization are making it affordable to run a business. According to Forrester – an online research company, e-commerce sales will hit over $1 trillion by 2021. This information is an assurance that investing in this field can guarantee you huge returns.

However, regardless of whether you are selling virtually or physically, your sales depend on marketing. The strategies you adopt in promoting and branding your products determines your sales levels. One of the marketing strategies you can employ is social media marketing. But why should you consider it? here are 3 reasons:

Social media is where customers spend their time

Certainly, you are a social media user. You have accounts in more than one social platforms. Also, you frequently log in to these pages throughout the day. Like you, your target customers are on social media. According to Statista research report, more than 70% of Americans have at least one social platform account. With this information, you can ascertain that ignoring social media leaves you with only 30% of potential customers. Can you avoid targeting a larger population and focus on the limited one? Definitely, if you are a serious webpreneur, you will focus on reaching out the higher percentage. Hence, you are an American entrepreneur or targeting this market, you cannot ignore social media marketing. You must meet customers in the place where they spend their time.

Customers are active in social media

Selling is not a formal process. It is a social interaction between the seller and potential buyers. Your ability to engage your targets socially determines how many sales you will drive. One fact about social media is that customers are here to share funs and memes. They are active in these platforms than anywhere else. Also, customers love following the brands they are in love with on social media. Hence, employing social media marketing as one of your strategies enhances your engagement level resulting in product improvement and high sales.

It’s a powerful tool for improving brand awareness

Having a recognized brand is the desire of any business owner. With such a brand, you save on your marketing costs and time to convince clients. Through social media marketing, you get an opportunity to harness your brand awareness. You allow potential customers to interact and share information about your brands with peers harnessing its recognition.

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